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C4Me Solutions for Home and Business

Offices in U.K., France and Spain

C4Me are looking for further business partners in U.K.,France and Spain to introduce the new network ip camera home monitoring service. This service allows owners with homes in U.K. France, Spain (or the rest of the world) to video monitor their homes from anywhere in the world over the Internet. At their home in France or Spain for example they only require a broadband connection, and do not need to leave a pc or any other equipment  running as the camera simply plugs in to the broadband router. 

The C4Me business partners also have the opportunity to offer a local monitoring service, so that in the event of any problems, immediate action can be taken by the partner. There are many other applications, including for example the ability to show how renovations or other works are going,  external monitoring of barns and other outbuildings, showing gites to prospective rental clients,  and many other purposes. 

We are looking for responsible independent partners C4Me partners must own a pc and have a broadband connection.  Please email partners@c4me.co.uk for your free information pack, or contact us as per our contact page

It is a business which brings real benefits to homeowners in U.K. France, Spain and throughout the world.








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