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    Welcome - monitor your property from anywhere in the world.    
C4Me Solutions for Home and Business

Offices in U.K., France and Spain


C4Me provide a range of services to business and private Customers. 

      Network IP Camera and Technology Sales

      Direct Sales Consumer via online shop, telephone, and mail orders.

      Direct Sales BtoB via online shop, telephone and mail orders.

      Business Partner Program - U.K. France and Spain, other European countries..

      Training and Support

      In-house and on-site training in design and installation.

      Full technical support.

      Trial facilities for individuals and businesses.

      Mobile Technology Development

      Other Security Services

      Total design of security service solutions incorporating Network IP, local wireless, mobile, fixed, sms and email notifications.

To find out more information on C4Me, or to have any questions that you have answered, please e-mail us at  info@c4me.co.uk.


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