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C4Me Solutions for Home and Business

Offices in U.K., France and Spain

The video cameras are known as Network or Network IP cameras. They have their own software incorporated, including a `webserver` function, so that you can access them just as you would any normal web page over the internet.

You will only need a broadband connection at your property - most telephone companies provide a router with your service which is fully compatible with network cameras.




You do not need a computer at the property. The camera logs itself on to the Internet, so that when you leave, you simply have the camera connected to you wherever you are via the broadband router.

Then from anywhere in the world, simply go on to the Internet, log in using your own username and password, and you can video monitor your property.

You can set alerts for you to be immediately notified for events such as motion detection or heat sensor, and have the message sent to you by email, text, data file, or other means

There are many other features including recording, pan and tilt, zoom, remote settings changes, all easy to use and available from wherever you are.

Please see the Home Security page for further details.

To find out more information on C4Me, or to have any questions that you have answered, please e-mail us at sales@c4me.co.uk.







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