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Offices in U.K., France and Spain

There are a number of suppliers including Y-Cam, Panasonic, Sony, and Axis who have all developed excellent IP Network cameras that are affordable and suitable for home or office use. For an entry level camera without pan and tilt, expect to pay from about £80. For an entry-level camera expect to pay from about £130. Outdoor systems are available from £200.

Our favourite camera for home or office use is the Y-Cam Home Monitor.































HomeMonitor™ is a brand new cloud camera from Y-cam. It is our simplest product to-date and has been created especially for those that are looking for the easiest method possible to monitor, record and save whatever is important to you, from any device and any location.

HomeMonitor™ easily lets you access your world from any internet-enabled computer or smartphone, using a HomeMonitor camera, an online account and free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android handsets, keeping you in touch with what matters most no matter where you maybe. Just connect the camera, create an account and you’re away! Absolutely no technical know-how or fiddling with your router settings is required, you don’t even need a computer to set it up – it’s just a quick and simple way to watch whatever you want.

Every clip recorded by HomeMonitor™ is stored securely in the cloud, free for 7 days available for you to catch-up anytime or to download whenever you need to save that important clip. Our trusted cameras are full to the brim with intuitive and useful features, including Smart Buffer™, a clever pre-recording function saving up to 10 seconds before the event so you never miss a moment and professional infrared night vision, letting you see in the dark up to 15m of vision even in pitch black. HomeMonitor™ also offers free live view from anywhere via our free applications for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone or dedicated mobile website with no restrictions or subscriptions.

It is the simplest way to see your stuff from anywhere, at any time.


Another example comes from Panasonic

The compact Panasonic network camera with pan and tilt control is packed with useful functions offering improved security monitoring. Built-in video motion detection, PIR heat detection and the facility to connect door and window contact sensors give you the full spectrum of detection methods, which can be used individually or combined.

Audio support with integrated microphone for listening in and built-in speaker for raising noise alarms, together with features such as H.264 compression and Power-over-Ethernet for easy installation make this camera an attractive, solid security solution for home and small business users alike.

The Panasonic is an IP network camera meaning you can view it via the Internet or your existing computer network, LAN or WAN.


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